I need HELP….Now! – Comments, Ideas, what do YOU want?

IdeasHello from the other side…..

No seriously, i do need your help. It’s all very well me writing these posts, offering advice and giving opinions but it’s all coming from me. What i really want to know is what EXACTLY would you like to see on a site like this, what are your ideas. When you are scrolling Facebook or Twitter, rummaging around on the web, looking at other fitness, health or diet sites, what is it that really GRABS your attention.

Tell me, i really want to know. What are your interests and what would stop you in your tracks for 5 minutes from your busy days and make you read an article. Do you want more specific training routines? Tips on losing weight? Specific diets? Ways to incorporate health and fitness into your daily routine? I’m here to help and keen to provide the information that you want.

Would you be interested in my daily routine (what i eat – good and bad-, how i train, how much booze i drink etc? Do you want tips on equipment to use, training techniques, specific exercises? Do you want more focus on alternative health and fitness themes? Give me some ideas.

This is a call to action. Please, pretty please, tell me what that one thing you’d love to see is. If you could wave a magic wand and think “if only someone could show me how to….” or “If only someone would tell me….”. Just ask and it’s yours…….well maybe, depends on what you ask, but I’ll definitely try.

The whole purpose of this is to be interactive. It’s for ordinary guys and ordinary girls who are going about their daily lives and just want to improve, to be better, fitter, healthier, stronger BUT who also do have a life and need to work around that.

So come on, take 2 minutes, hit the comment button or email me. Tell me “what you want, what you really really want” (Ok no more song jokes i promise).

I’m sitting at my laptop waiting, DON’T disappoint me!

Take Care,


2 thoughts on “I need HELP….Now! – Comments, Ideas, what do YOU want?

  1. Tell us how you train John would be good to know what your goals are,how you eat etc .My basic weights plan is Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 . Heard of it ?

    • Hi Jon,
      Yeah I’ve heard of it, not used it though. To be honest I don’t stick to a rigid plan and tend to do about a month of one thing and then change things up a bit. If you are fairly new to weights (i don’t mean you mate) but generally speaking, i would suggest picking a plan and sticking to it for 3 months though and to focus initially on compound moves (deadlift, squats, pull ups, bent over rows, military press etc). My aim at the moment is to try to gain some muscle whilst also staying pretty lean and actually to lose some belly fat as I had gained a pretty flabby gut after a couple of years of not training. Some people say you can’t do both, but you can, it’s just harder. So at the moment I am training 4 days a week. I tend to do something like: Shoulders & Back day 1, Chest & Legs day 2, Arms and HiiT circuit day 3, Day 4 i pick 2 body parts that i want to work again that week so tomorrow I fancy Chest and Back again. I tend to do 5 or 6 sets of a heavy compound move like Shoulder press, Squats, Bench press or Deadlift followed by another 5 or 6 sets of 2 different isolation moves (3 sets each) eg shoulder side raises + rear raises, dumbbell fly’s + incline dumbbell press, lat pull downs + seated rows etc. Go as heavy as i can manage on the compound moves and the use lighter weights and really squeeze and control it on the Isolation moves. Every workout i do a 5 minute warm up (sometimes 10) on rowing machine + finish with a quick ab circuit like 10 x hanging leg raise + 10 jacknives + 45 second plank. Don’t watch my eating too closely at the moment but have cut out snacks (no chocolate or crisps), no booze Monday to Friday, no bread and eat as much meat, veg, salad as i like. Also if i can motivate myself to do it (easier now the weather is warming up) I’m going to start trying to throw in a run (2 or 3 miles) on a sat or sun morning.

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