No Excuses – How to always find the Time!

Tennis SprintingJust a very quick post today, in and out, job done!

Many people will find reasons and make excuses for not having the time to work out. I understand that, life is very busy. However what YOU need to understand is that work outs and activity can come in many forms. It doesn’t need to be a full on Gym session. ALL activity counts. Today is an example.

In a previous article i talked about Sprints remember (here it is) Well It’s bank holiday Monday. I’m at home with my two sons this morning. So what are we going to do. Well luckily they are sports fanatics so they are well into my plan. We are heading to the park for 45 mins on the free tennis courts. Hitting a ball around (and constantly chasing the mis-hit ones) counts as good activity, for me and them. Then on the field next to the courts is a whitewashed 400m running track on the grass. Perfect excuse for 10/15 minutes of sprints and runs to finish. They both love the idea and it is a great fat burner for me.

So 45 minutes of Tennis. Maybe 1 x 400m at my best pace followed by 6 x 50m interval sprints. That’s it. Metabolism fired into overdrive. Fat burning capability increased massively for today, children entertained. Perfect.

There are no excuses. You can always do something and those little extra activities are what will make ALL the difference.

Keep Working.

Take Care,


7 thoughts on “No Excuses – How to always find the Time!

    • Tuesday are a kind of sleepy day, not much happens. Perfect opportunity to do some sort of physical activity. Glad you liked the post. There will be more on motivation and attitude etc to come. Please sign up to my subscribe list if you haven’t already to make sure you don’t miss future posts. Thanks for reading.

    • It’s not always easy to find big blocks of time, i know from experience as I have two youngish children. The point is that everyone can find the time to do something. A 15 minute HiiT workout in your garden at 9pm at night, a series of 10 sprints up and down the road during your lunch hour, or even just a giant set Ab complex on the front room floor in front of Game of Thrones. It all counts.

    • Thanks Jason. It’s just a mindset. You can always do something to improve, even if it just means running up the escalator on your morning commute each day. It’s the small things that count in the end.

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