What to expect from Ordinary Guy Fitness.

So here is my first ever post on my new blog……….er……what the hell do i write now?? How about some ideas of the type of posts you’ll find on here going forward and what you can expect from me.

Firstly a little bit of honesty. Why am i doing this? There are a number of reasons actually. The main one is that i think I’m having a mid life crisis!! Seriously! My work bores the hell out of me and i want to do something I’m passionate about. Health, fitness, training is an area i genuinely am passionate about. I enjoy….no i love it, and hopefully if you come here regularly I can demonstrate some of that love and passion and more importantly can try to help you to improve your general levels of health, fitness, weight, body shape etc.

Secondly i want to show that ordinary people CAN make changes to their lives, get fitter, lose weight, become stronger better versions of their current selves AND still have fun, enjoy life and have a blow out now and then. You don’t have to live the life of a monk or starve yourselves to achieve your health and fitness goals, you CAN drink beer, eat Chocolate, have a Curry etc and STILL lose weight and gain muscle. REALLY??? I can hear the fitness guru’s out there dropping their Beetroot and Kale juices as i speak. Yes it’s true, you can have the best of both worlds and I hope to show you how.

Finally, and I’ll be really honest here. I hope to build this blog up as much as possible, gain many thousands (Hell why not be ambitious….millions) of regular readers and then if the wind is blowing in the right direction, maybe make some money from it. So at some point the site may contain some adverts, may promote some¬†other sites or products¬†and may even sell some stuff at some point (I have a book brewing!!). If that upsets you, offends you or you just don’t like commercialism that’s absolutely fine. I get it, really i do. Perhaps you’d better look elsewhere and I won’t be offended i promise. If you are still with me I hope you appreciate my honesty from the start and anyway, none of that is likely to happen for a while……

So here goes, hopefully you will enjoy the ride. Please feel free to post some comments. This is as new to me as it is you and I’m learning as we go so if I’m doing something wrong, tell me.

4 thoughts on “What to expect from Ordinary Guy Fitness.

  1. I like the sound of this John! I think that debunking myths such as the female weight training one you have highlighted is great…more of the same please.Well done & wishing you lots of luck with your new venture….

  2. Great stuff John . I like the ever so slight irreverance you bring to your writing . I look forward to reading more and even commenting. Mid-life crisis you ? Mate you are eternally 21 ! Best Wishes

    • The whole aim is to make it fun. There are plenty of fantastically well informed experts out there but do they appeal to the average person. Hopefully by keeping it a bit more real and also revealing a few of my own problems and constant failings in this area people will relate to it a bit more.

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