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Does your belly protrude no matter how many Ab exercises you do? Can’t seem to lose that stubborn last bit of belly fat, or worse than that, you HAVE lost the weight but you still look fat? Suffer from lower back pain, sore hips or pain down your thighs, knees and even down the side of your calves? When sitting in one position for long periods such as on planes or long car journeys do you suffer from cramps or agonising pains in your legs and back? Does any of this sound like you?

Well you are not alone….I do too and I’d estimate that probably 50% of the population in one way or another suffer from some of these symptoms. So what causes it? Anterior Pelvic Tilt. “What the hell is that, never heard of it?”  Well it’s a very common postural problem that often goes hand in hand with a range of other issues such as tight Hip Flexors, weak Glutes (Bum muscles) and weakness in a little heard of muscle called the Psoas which in conjunction with another muscle forms the Iliopsoas (don’t worry i won’t bore you with science for too long). This muscle which no-one has heard of is crucial. It is the only muscle that joins the top half of your body (lower spine) to the lower half (pelvis and thigh bones). It has a dramatic effect on your lower back, hips and pelvic region and can cause issues right down your legs and up your entire back.

So now onto the good stuff. One of the symptoms of weakness in any of these muscles and regions is Anterior Pelvic Tilt. Take a look at the diagrams at the top. In laymans terms what happens is that your pelvis tips forwards and the front moves down. This causes an un-natural curve in the base of the spine and puts pressure on nerves and muscles throughout the pelvic, lower spine and thigh area that are not meant to have pressure on them. That causes chronic lower back pain, sciatica or pain in the legs, and even pain down as far as the calves and feet. It affects your posture, how you walk and in the long term the health of your entire body. This condition most commonly affects people who spend large periods of time sitting down such as office workers, can or lorry drivers etc.

The title of this article was “how to shrink your belly instantly”. That wasn’t a scam and i can prove it to you right now. One of the other main unfortunate side effects of Anterior Pelvic Tilt is that it forces you to stick your belly out. So even if you are slim, if you constantly stand in an APT pose your belly WILL stick out and you WILL look like you are carrying weight, even if you are not. The good news is you can correct that instantly.

Go and stand near a mirror where you can see you whole body (preferably nude)…ooooh errr! Stand side on and completely relax into a soft pose, don’t tense or hold anything in. If you have APT your body will slump slightly, you will have a fairly pronounced curve in the base of your spine and most likely your belly will drop forwards and lower and stick out much more than you’d like. Correct? Is that belly protruding?

Now try this. Gently clench your buttocks, slightly tense your stomach muscles and concentrate on trying to tip the front of your pelvic/crotch area up and the back of the same area downwards and tuck your bottom in slightly. In effect you are tipping your pelvis back onto a more level plane. Now look sideways in the mirror again. See the difference? Your belly should have disappeared or at the very least significantly shrunk. It shows that your posture and how you hold yourself has a tremendous effect on how you look.

Now of course that is only a temporary fix (but nice to know when you are out and about and want to look your best in that dress or suit). However you can start to work on it yourself right away. You can learn how it feels to control the angle of your Pelvis. Start by holding the position for 5 minutes every 20 minutes or so and work up from there. Do it while standing as well as sitting. in addition to dramatically improving your posture, alleviating back and leg pain, AND shrinking the appearance of your belly it has the added bonus of toning both your Glutes and Abs as you tense and hold them firm.

I would also suggest you watch the video link Here .  Look past what the guy is wearing and style of the video as it actually contains some excellent information and examples of exercises you can do very easily and quickly. Do these exercises regularly, combine them with what i told you earlier and keep at it on a daily basis. Consistency is key. Gradually you will build the mind – body connection that enables you to control your pelvis as well as strengthen your Psoas, hip flexors , lower back and Glute muscles. Your back pain will ease, your legs will feel better and best of all, that hard work and dieting will finally pay off as you will be able to control that belly and look as amazing  and slim as you deserve.

More articles will follow that show exercise programmes that strengthen your Glutes, hips, Hamstrings and lower back so please keep following them. I believe this is one of my most important posts so far as it address the problem of lower back and hip pain which so badly impinges on so many peoples lives. If you like the article then please share it as widely as possible and I’d also welcome your comments.

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