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  1. Hey John,

    Hope you are well. I have been perusing your site and blogs and well must say – keep it up.

    Re the products I would say Protein Protein and Protein. I buy my products from the US as the UK market is so so mass produces eg USN, MyProtein and the levels are so so low. For me and well most ladies we look at high protein eg 31 grams to little grams carbs… And you guessed it you cannot get that here!! So my question to you is can you find a supplier that best for those on primal / high protein intake and what products / suppliers would you recommend.

    Check out this product – Venus on http://www.venusarmy.com and let me know if you know of anything in the same range?

    Cheers and good luck with your goals

    • Hi Renel,
      Good to hear from you. You’re right it is quite hard go get really high protein with low carb levels. You can find it but it tends to be really expensive. I tend to do a search on review sites for “best protein powders Uk” and then do a search either on Amazon or other websites to find the best deal available. I don’t plan to sell Protein powders or supplements because a) there are regulatory issues around selling of consumable products (i don’t want to kill anyone) and b) It’s a pretty saturated market already with so many suppliers. There are some good, totally organic suppliers on the market where the purity is really good but the protein levels may not be as high as you want. It’s often a trade off between quality and high protein, low card, low sugar etc.


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